Pay Chapter Dues

If you are a member of the Silver Spring Alumni Chapter, or are a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and are interested in joining the Silver Spring Alumni Chapter, you can pay your dues for the current fiscal year online.  Please select one of the following links to pay your chapter dues.

  • Full Chapter Dues ($370 for regular brothers, $210 for 50 year brothers, $210 for reclamation brothers).
  • Partial (1/4) Payment (Note, if you pay with the partial payment, this assumes you intend to complete your payments after November’s meeting, thus you will be paying the full dues structure).
  • Nonscheduled Payment (Note, pay any amount you wish to pay and it will be credited toward your dues).

Brothers, please note that if you wish to avoid paying fees tied to PayPal, you have the option of doing so and still using the PayPal service. To do this, it assumes you have a PayPal account.  You can login to PayPal and send a personal payment to the following email address: In the subject line, please note: “FY{year} dues” so that your payment can be appropriately classified by the exchequer.

If you pay by bank account or PayPal account, there are no fees tied to the transaction; however, if you pay by credit card, the fees that are incurred will be your responsibility.  If you elect to charge the fees to the chapter, then your dues will NOT be considered paid in full as the fees will be deduced from the monies collected by the exchequer.  The use of PayPal is extended to the brothers as a courtesy to facilitate payments, but not at the expense of the chapter.

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