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Brother Joseph F. Harris, an Epsilon initiate, conceived the idea that a Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity should be chartered in Montgomery County, Maryland. He began the involved process of contacting interested KAPPAMEN in the area. Ten brothers filed a petition for a charter and a decree for the establishment of a chapter in Silver Spring, Maryland was issued July 21, 1972. Those ten brothers were:

  • Joseph F. Harris, Jr.     (Epsilon 1949)
  • William D. Gray    (Beta Kappa 1948)
  • Donald E. Jefferson    (Pi 1945)
  • Alfred Hawkins*    (Epsilon 1947)
  • John H. Corley*    (Hampton-Newport News Alumni 1967)
  • Howard R. Fletcher    (Xi 1947)
  • Walter C. Levi*    (Epsilon 1948)
  • Reginald Harvey    (Xi 1952)
  • Carl S. Hampton    (Beta 1955)
  • Joseph S. Bennett    (Mu 1957)

The initial drive and bold efforts of these men resulted in the granting of a charter to the SILVER SPRING ALUMNI CHAPTER of KAPPA ALPHA PSI FRATERNITY on October 28, 1972 after the numerous visits, the countless communications, and the completion of the various forms requested by the fraternity headquarters in Philadelphia.

The first financial member chapter roster contained the following names:

  • Carl S. Hampton
  • William D. Gray
  • Howard R. Fletcher
  • Jesse Roberts
  • Walter C. Levi
  • Donald E. Jefferson
  • Joseph F. Harris
  • Alfred Hawkins
  • Delbert L. Flowers
  • John Corley
  • Laval N. Cothran
  • James A. Coles
  • Clay E. Simpson

The fledgling chapter went on to elect the following brothers into office: Name Office Joseph F. Harris Polemarch Donald Jefferson Vice Polemarch Carl Hampton Keepers of Records LaVal Cothran Assistant Keeper of Records Alfred Hawkins Keeper of Exchequer The first official meeting of the chapter was held at the home of Brother Harris. Subsequent meetings were held at the homes of various other chapter members. Later, meetings were held in churches and in the Adult Education Center at the University of Maryland, College Park. The chapter then arranged for holding meetings and occasional social functions at the available space within the Colesville Elementary School facility. Eventually, the chapter moved its meetings to a more stable location, the Colesville Health Center on New Hampshire Avenue and has been there ever since in a location of the building affectionately known to as the Kappa Korner.

Immediately after it was chartered, the chapter began is community involvement. During its first two years, the chapter actively engaged in the deliberations of the Montgomery County Human Relations Committee and provided support in the community effort to introduce a meaningful Black Studies course in all of the Montgomery County Schools.

In 1973, the chapter introduced its first scholarship program by starting the process of establishing a chapter at the University of Maryland, College Park, and made contributions of $250.00 and $50.00 to the NAACP and Suburban Maryland Fair Housing, respectively.

Beginning in 1975, and every year thereafter, the chapter has awarded scholarships ranging from $500.00 to $2,000.00 to one or two deserving high school seniors. The chapter has sponsored a dynamic Guide Right Program with recreational, educational, and social programs. For the last four years, we have concentrated on a teen leadership program in conjunction with the Toast Masters of America.

The chapter’s Book Award Program, wherein an outstanding book by a Black Author is presented to selected students in Montgomery County Schools, has been in place since 1992 and has met with a lot of success. Some school librarians are ordering these selections for their general purposes.

Our SAT Preparation Program, in sponsorship with the Montgomery County Board of Education, serves to help community youth prepare for the upcoming SAT examination and represent a very useful Guide Right program.

The chapter holds two NAACP Life Memberships; acting as individuals, we have contributed money and manpower to the campaigns of four candidates for the Montgomery County School Board. Three of these candidates were elected to serve in office. We have been the recipients of numerous commendations from the Montgomery County Government for the effectiveness of our Social Action Programs.

Through the efforts of the chapter and the Silhouette Club, a Senior Citizen Center was established in the Colesville Recreational Center. The chapter and the Silhouettes donated furniture, including a pool table, ping-pong table, and television set, jointly.

Through the years, the chapter has initiated various programs for fun, recreation , education, and/or profit. Among these programs have been:

  • Shopping and luncheon tours
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Splash Parties
  • Family Breakfasts
  • Family Picnics
  • Award Achievement Dinner Dance
  • Black and White Dinner Dance
  • Kappa Karnival
  • Atlantic City Bus Trips
  • Kappa College Student Retention Program
  • Black College Tour (in conjunction with the Pan Hellenic Council)

* deceased

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