Officers (2017- 2018)

Name Office E-mail Address
Jonathan Sutton Polemarch polemarch@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Desmond Mackall 1st Vice Polemarch VicePolemarch@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Sean Flora 2nd Vice Polemarch 2ndVicePolemarch@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Sean Marshall Keeper of Records KeeperOfRecords@SilverSpringAlumni.com
William Allen, III Asst. Keeper of Records AsstKeeperOfRecords@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Kenneth Elliott Keeper of Exchequer KeeperOfExchequer@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Eric Smith, Sr. Assistant Keeper of Exchequer AsstKeeperOfExchequer@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Elijah Mason Strategus strategus@SilverSpringAlumni.com
David Johnson, Jr. Lieutenant Strategus LtStrategus@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Michael Hentrel Historian historian@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Victor Barkley Reporter reporter@SilverSpringAlumni.com
Vacant Parliamentarian

Board Members (2017 – 2018)

Name Board Term Expires
Troy Bishop June 2019
Thomas N. Flagg June 2018
Perry Paylor, Esq. June 2018
Mario Price June 2020
Rob King June 2020