Reclamation Data Form Confirmation

Thank you for your interest in the Silver Spring (MD) Alumni Chapter. We are doing great things in Silver Spring, and look forward to having the opportunity to meet with you in Phi, Nu, Pi.

The Brothers of the Silver Spring Alumni Chapter pride ourselves on doing all we can do to welcome any brother from any chapter whether that brother is financial on all levels or not. We believe that creating and maintaining an environment that not only focuses on business but also focuses on the social aspects of the fraternity is what is required to make Brothers feel excited to participate in our chapter and this Great Fraternity.

In an attempt to reclaim brothers who are not currently financial and or are not currently participating in Fraternity activities, the Brothers of this chapter would like to invite you to come to some of our events and perhaps drop in on a meeting. Our goal is fellowship and strengthening the bond of fraternity. Through reclamation, the Silver Spring Alumni Chapter hopes to become stronger in numbers, participation, and mentorship. Please see the Calendar of Events if you are considering finding a home chapter or are simply interested in seeing what Silver Spring Alumni is all about.